Piet Blancquaert


(Managing Director)

E: Piet.blancquaert@arche-consortia.be
T: +32 9 216 70 30

Piet Blancquaert studied at the State University of Ghent and obtained PhDs in ecology and toxicology. 

Since 1988 he has been active as Regulatory Affairs Manager for Buckman Laboratories with main focus on biocides (for wood preservation, slimicides, water treatment). From 1991 also responsible for plant protection products for ISK Bioscience. From 1998 again main focus on biocides for Troy Chemical Company and from 2002 worldwide responsibility for the Regulatory Affairs of Janssen PMP (Preservation and Material Protection) for both biocidal and plant protection products. In September 2010 Piet started his  own consultancy business, pIEt Consulting BVBA, giving strategic advice for regulatory matters in Europe primarily related to the biocides business.

Combining his knowledge with the services of ARCHE Consortia is a logical step in the aim of Piet Consulting to support and help its clients in providing a good understanding of the legislation.